Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Now we can all see the words - if we make it happen... 

I have mentioned before that putting out podcasts and other videos on the nest is all fine and dandy, but if they don’t have subtitles it rather excludes deaf people who cannot make out what is being said…

Some of our party stuff does get subtitled, and thanks to all who make the effort to get this done. But with the growth of Web2.0 facilities there are fewer excuses for leaving of titles.

Check out this BBC access page which describes the self-help dotSub tool (where you can take an online video and add captions yourself, making it available publicly) and the Project Readon service (where you submit requests for a video to be subtitled and the service does it for you and puts it up on a youTube like server– apparently at the moment a 24 hour turnaround).

Here’s a example of a dotSub treated video ‘Dance Monkey Dance’ - and if Nick Clegg is reading this he can try out the Dutch subtitles available as one of the choices offered on a menu. Which means, if you think about it, that we could have LibDem material going out with subtitles in Punjabi, or Urdu, or Lithuanian, or Welsh, or indeed any other language that we find appropriate and for which we can get texts from competent translators …

How about making all our video submissions – including the less official ones posted on our blogs – subtitle enabled?

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