Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hurrah for The Bird 

Thanks to the wonders of the postal vote system saw a real live ballot paper the other day .. and how the party symbols look. The ‘Bird’ is best for visibility and catching the voters eyes, followed by the UKIP ‘Tipsy Sterling’ symbol. But the new Tory ‘Hollow Oak’… well it may look all trendy in colour printed literature, but in the grey and white of a ballot paper printing it looks like a child’s dirty thumbprint.

The Tories were right I think to ditch the ‘Manic Arsonist’ symbol but obviously their marketing and brand consultants had no experience of how the new logo would actually have to perform in sharp-end political action.

I suspect that come the count it will not be so easy for party tellers to track the Tories, even in the non-postal ballot verifications. I wonder how sore-eyed Tory activists will think of Dave come the end of the counts?

Bottom line though – I love the Bird. Let it soar!

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