Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dropping the Torch 

It won’t make me more likely to vote Tory – sorry Dave – but the rumoured replacement of the ‘stiff arm and torch’ Tory logo will certainly remove one source of my gut antipathy.

Basically I could never support a party with a symbol echoing the Nazi salute, for family pride reasons if no other. As a refugee in Germany in 1944 my mother was in the streets of Berlin one day when Hitler passed. She and another young Lithuanian woman refused to give him the ‘Heil’ and had to flee for their safety through the back streets.

After that example the 'Manic Arsonist' Tory symbol would have made that party a no-go area even if its politics had been remotely attractive.

I have no printable suggestions on a replacement Blue Meanies Logo. The ‘Bird of Liberty’ is good enough for me and is already taken.

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