Tuesday, January 23, 2007

MK... never been 40 years old before... 

Happy Birthday Milton Keynes... officially 40 years old today, 23rd January.

Apparently there was a fireworks display at sunrise. The advantages of being deaf, I slept through all that.

But whats with this outsider obsession with Concrete Cows? We really do have herds of real cows and sheep in the City Limits... and roundabouts are more our thing.

One of the factoid snippets floating round is this:


US troops were fighting in Vietnam and Martin Luther King campaigned for
Civil Rights

Dolby sound was invented and Radio One was born

'The Dirty Dozen' was on at the cinema, 'The Forsyte Saga' was on BBC

Breathalyser Tests were introduced on British roads

and on 23rd January 1967 - when Housing Minister Anthony Greenwood signed the official order to create the new city of Milton Keynes - The Monkees had just started four weeks at Number 1 in the UK hit parade with 'I'm a Believer'!

Things have changed or have they...

More about this pretty strange place on the Milton keynes Heritage webpages...

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