Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Roundabout 40 And Still In Love 

That's the official slogan and logo for the 40th birthday of Milton Keynes, which is being celebrated in 2007.

A good choice of visuals. The abiding symbol of MK for those who live here is not ‘the Concrete Cows’ but the roundabouts – there are so many of them that the wear on the tyres of MK residents has a characteristic pattern due to the constant turning.

And believe it or not a lot of people like it here.

OK we have what it takes to make Homer Simpson happy (including a brance of his favourite doughnut shop) but we also have three farmers markets and a proper old-fashioned hardware store where you can rummage around and buy exactly the one screw you need. And lots and lots of trees - MK is the one of the biggest forestry planting projects in Britain.

Oh and a fair number of LibDems as well. What could be nicer!

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