Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another chapter in the incredible story of a school 

More excitement in Bury Lawn School, the private school in Milton Keynes where the sixth head teacher in about two years has just resigned.

Background to this sorry tale explained a year ago here and here.

The latest wonderful events started at the beginning of this term when the now-just-resigned head went on four weeks special leave and in her absence the decision was announced not to offer year-12 to the current year-11 pupils. So goodbye A-levels. The Head of Senior School told the pupils this before the official notification was sent to parents, ensuring a traumatic and tear-stained evening for many families.

Parents cannot talk to the press about this –or indeed the dramatic decline in behaviour and in academic provision at the school- because the contract with the school includes giving the school the right to exclude a pupil if the parents of that pupil bring the school into disrepute by talking about it in public.

And now there is just today (7 Dec 2006) a rumour that the owners of the school (GEMS) may be trying to sell it – possibly to investors. If they try to change the land use to housing I rather think Milton Keynes Council will have a think or two to say, however.

I just want to repeat what I said a year ago:
..concerned parents over many years built up an educational community which
contrasted to most Local Authority provision and also contrasted to most Private
Sector provision, and they feel they have been royally screwed up

So much for choice.

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