Friday, November 04, 2005

Another shade of paper 

Seems there is one good thing in the Education White Paper - purely private companies will no longer be able just to buy up schools, as currently happens for City Academies. Educational Trusts would need to be set up for the schools. According to the Guardian this annoys the chair of one such company which already runs a number of schools as Academies.

Whether you agree with him may depend on your assesment of the sorry tale outlined in my earlier posting, for the company in question is the one now running Bury Lawn School, Milton Keynes. It is true that public controversy on this has apparently died down with the new term but some might say this has a connection with the new contract the school requires all parents to sign. I couldn't possibly comment.

You may find it helpful to read the Guardian story with this background in mind.

Question for our MPs - does the White Paper specifically alter the conditions for school funding set out in the government's "Building Schools for the Future" programme which more or less forces LEAs to sell off to private companies in order to establish City Academies?

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