Saturday, December 03, 2005

Coercion and sex trafficking 

Be in no doubt that the new human traffickers, staffing brothels in the UK with women from east Europe (and indeed elsewhere), are a dangerous lot. I had a KGB colonel watching over me during Lithuania’s break with the USSR (when I ran computer message links with the Baltics resistance) but never really felt in personal danger here in the UK. However, when I organised contacts between witnesses to human trafficking through Lithuania and Danish TV journalists investigating the story it was very clear that everyone involved could be subject to a routine lethal contract, let us say.

Some of the women discovered in the recent well-publicised raids on UK brothels are Lithuanians forcibly trafficked from Lithuania. This hits me in two of my emotional homes. There is an European convention on human trafficking that I mentioned in a previous post. This would give some protection to women in these circumstances. Neither the UK nor Lithuania has yet signed as at today’s date. (Check current status here) Get a move on.

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