Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Libya and wider matters 

Three points on Libya.

Germany abstained in the UN vote on the Libya intervention resolution and is apparently in hot dispute with France. We have not heard a lot in the UK about the German viewpoint. Perhaps we should. Maybe Clegg could ask them, in German to ensure clarity.

The BBC live update stream reported at 0544 on 22 March that:

The Financial Times reports on the tensions between the countries now ranged against Libya. It says French attempts to sidestep Nato at the start of the campaign have divided the coalition. Diplomats told the newspaper that the US and UK were angered by France's decision to launch the first attack without fully informing its allies. The paper says relations grew so tense that French and German ambassadors to Nato walked out of a meeting after criticism from the secretary general.

Secondly, I wonder what the Chinese Navy is making of this matter, and what it is learning. China has a warship in the Mediterranean, reminding us that Western Powers no longer have a monopoly of world-wide military outreach.

Thirdly and for the record: A fair summary of the possible objections to the Libya Intervention in this Blog posting on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network.

Libya - contradictions, foolish assumptions & flawed humanism

The author ( Ian Oberg) says his posting is:

……. a telegram-style short list of contradictions, foolish assumptions and flawed humanism. An equally short conclusion with prediction follows the list. I am presently working on a short piece on what could and should have been done instead of these terrible and counterproductive bombings.

Worth noting all sides on this one.

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