Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ordering the courts not to interfere in a matter that is in the competence of the courts 

On the face of it this is a disgraceful action by the law officers of this coalition government tamely continuing a degrading New Labour procedure..

I trust that Liberal ministers will not be inhibited from reporting back what can be reported on this and that our backbenchers are not inhibited from telling the Liberal front bench in particular and the government in general front bench exactly what a crock of shit this approach is.

In fact I hope there is a massive row behind the scenes in government and that Immigration minster Damian Green is suitably chastised.

As the Guardian reports:

Government lawyers have warned high court judges that last-minute legal challenges should not be allowed to "disrupt or delay" a deportation flight to Baghdad due to leave Britain early tomorrow. (That is today, Wednesday 9th)
This is the first time the detailed operations of the "special arrangements" surrounding such deportation flights have become public. But the immigration minister, Damian Green, said they were standard procedure and had been used in 16 previous flights to northern Iraq.

He said: "In line with published policy, the UK Border Agency has written to the high court in advance of every charter flight since 2005 setting out why they are taking place and explaining why judicial reviews will not necessarily stop an individual being
returned or the flight continuing. This is not unusual and is accepted practice by the courts. It remains open for an individual to apply for a high court injunction preventing removal

And since this was actually the implementation of a policy put into place by Labour, don’t let them of the hook either. Labour should be trusted on NOTHING relating to their floundering after teh mess they helped cause in Iraq.

The one good thing is that previously secret (or at least vigorously obscured) government instructions for similar actions have now been made public.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Whats the thing with Cameron and the OU Library? 

Why does Dave Cameron do so many policy presentations in the Open University Library in Milton Keynes? He was at it again yesterday with the 'we are all doomed' spending costs speech.

It does make for a more interesting backdrop that the Imperial Pronouncements style of New Labour conferences hosted in imposing official buildings, but why pay good money for building hire, travel and security arrangements when the Government has a perfectly good venue already paid for and secured in the Palace of Westminter?

Is there a logic behind these presentation occasions that might be explained, to coalition partners for example?

Cameron has of course been to the OU Library before (as noted in this pre-coalition posting) as indeed, to the OU Campus to launch campaigns, has one Tony Blair mumble years ago, the only time I ever came face to face with him, ghastly pancake makeup and all.

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