Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How happy are the Tory Troops over Cameron Power speech? 

I was outside the building where a certain D Cameron gave his so-called Power speech – this was in the Open University Library and I turned up in all innocence to access the Library not knowing it had been privately booked*. With car parks taped off, OU security everywhere and a fairly substantial police presence I knew something was up but my first thought was of a violent emergency, an impression not lessened as the Conservative audience was pouring out of the building like it was being evacuated.

They looked a bit grim to me, worried rather than excited. Not necessarily happy campers. That was my impression before I knew they had been listening to a Cameron speech rather than fleeing other kinds of troubles.

Conservatives may not necessarily be very happy about radical shake-ups.

(* I was much to busy delivering leaflets over the weekend for the very effective Bedford Unitary election push to notice and clues about Tory national movements. It is a great campaign to help if you are near Bedford and at a loose end over the next week..).

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