Saturday, May 15, 2010

Watching the rhetoric from Nick 

Nick may just be carried away slightly in some of his recent statements.

I am thinking in particular of this:
"So, given that the people told us, explicitly, that they didn’t want just one party in charge, we had a duty to find a way for more than one party to govern effectively."

Perhaps we should take deep breath.

Our position on the current electoral system is that it grinds through a lottery to produce a result.

People have made a number of judgements in this last election and the lottery result has given us the position we have. We can't say the voters explicity chose it, surely.

We can go forwards to act within the result more assuredly than most other parties because we are committed to altering the sytem when we can so that peoples' explicit choices more nearly reflect the consequences of those choices.

It might be helpful if Nick had a think about this rhetorical florish...

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