Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Avoiding a festival of constipation and cold clotted porridge 

Just imagine this election campaign with only Brown and Cameron in the spotlight.
No life, no hope, no vision. The national mood would now be sour, depressed and despairing, with press excitement concentrated on whether various extreme factions would cause upsets.

Imagine the Parliament we are about to elect so constructed that Cameron and Brown manage to re-impose the pretence that they (or their successors) are the only legitimate political forces.

After the life of the campaign, once more political constipation.

After the real fresh foods of real and relevant issues breaking onto the menu, once more the cold porridge of the exhausted establishment.

The national mood will swiftly become sour and despairing.

As Prime Minister? Cameron? Well, on the surface he can seem very very deep, but deep deep down he is shallow.

Or Brown? (or more likely a emergency successor though). In alleged command of a zombie party of frustrated and frightened bullies.

Another thing. If we largely hold our seats and make the gains possible we may well be the only truly ‘National Party’ in the UK context. So the future of the United Kingdom as such may depend on our nerve and example.

To combat this we need as many LibDem MPs as possible from all parts of the country, backed by as big a LibDem vote as possible again from all parts of the country.

Damn tactical voting. Keep our politics alive and vote for Freedom with the Liberal Democrats. Everywhere.

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