Saturday, March 06, 2010

The flag on high! Tory ranks tightly closed! Giovinezza! Giovinezza! 

So there is an organisation that claims to have trained 2,500 British Conservative Activists in such electoral skills as firing semi-automatic weapons. Yes, the Young Briton’s Foundation emerges blinking into the limelight again advocating inter alia the abolition of the NHS, support for torture for ‘terrorists’ and the adoption of US-Style gun laws. And also denouncing ‘global warming’ as a fraud.

The group has caused disquiet in Tory ranks before. Why? Well for example

The YBF chief executive, Donal Blaney…. has called for environmental protesters who trespass to be "shot down" by the police and that Britain should have a US-style liberal firearms policy. In an article on his own website, entitled Scrap the NHS, not just targets, he wrote: "Would it not now be better to say that the NHS – in its current incarnation – is finished?"
Blaney has described the YBF as "a Conservative madrasa" that radicalises young Tories. Programmes have included trips to meet neo-conservative groups in the US and to a shooting range in Virginia to fire submachine guns and assault rifles.
Robert Booth, Guardian, 6 March 2010

Senior Tories who have addressed YBF events include:

Eric Pickles, Con Party chair
Liam Fox, Con shadow defence secretary
Michael Grove, Con shadow education spokesman
Ed Vaizey, Con shadow
John Redwood
David Davies

The group’s president is Daniel Hannan MEP.

At least 11 current Tory PPCs appear to have gone through the group’s training processes. Wonder who they are?

The YBF web pages appear to have been partially blocked from open web access but it is just possible to glean a few things, such as that one of the trustees is Frederick Forsythe (yes the ‘Day Of The Jackal’ author). Also that the Parliamentary Council members include Lord Trimble (yes that Northern Ireland Trimble), Lord Parkinson, and the Earl of Stockton (Grandson of former Tory Prime Minister Harold Macmillan).

And the speakers panel is a tasty menu including Antony Worral Thompson and (roll of BlogDrums) Guido Fawkes.

One-day training sessions in the UK cost £25.00 I wonder who is subsiding all this.

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