Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bedford - the entrails 

Well it was fun being part of a winning campaign! Massive congratulations to Dave and his team...
People speculating on how this Bedford Mayoral result could impact on a Parliamentary result should note that Bedford Unitary Authority spreads over three Westminster constituencies namely:

1 ALL of Bedford Borough constituency.
2 Three wards of Mid-Bedfordshire constituency
3 Ten wards of Bedfordshire North-East constituency

Bedford Borough constituency is held by Patrick Hall, Labour.
Libdems third in 2005 with 21.5%

Labour held three double and two one-seater wards here in June. The Conservatives had two one-seaters. Libdems took four two-seater wards and one one-seater. Independents one two seater. (The independent candidate who came third for mayor is one of these concillors).

Mid-Bedfordshire constituency is held by Nadine Dorries, Con.
Libdems second in all constituency in 2005 with 23.8%, Labour had 22.5%

Of these three mid-Bedfordshire wards Libdems hold one double-seater, Cons one and Independents one. Dave had a whopping vote in Wooton ward I believe...

To note that in Central Bedfordshire council, which broadly makes up the rest of the constituency, Labour were completely wiped out in the June 2009 all-council election. Libdems are the only opposition group, with 11 seats.

Bedfordshire North-East constituency is held by Alistair Burt, Con.
Libdems third in all constituency in 2005 with 20.8% Labour second with 25.2%.

Of these ten wards LibDems hold two single-seaters, Cons one double-seater and three singles, independents the remaining four single-seaters.

Make of all that what you will...


Edis, Thanks for all your hard work!


Mark Fitzpatrick, Bedford
A slight corretion: Central Bedfordshire Unitary Council makes up the rest of both Mid-Bedfordshire and North-east Bedfordshire constituencies.
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