Monday, July 13, 2009

Still weekly, now even Greener 

One of the things we discovered this week, through worried e-mails from residents, is that some people actually moved to Milton Keynes because we still have weekly rubbish collections. They feared that Milton Keynes (‘such a clean place’) would deteriorate…Yes the fortnightly collection question still simmers on…

Why were they worried? Well the new MK weekly food waste collection system has started rolling out in my patch. So many people got new green bins, and some though this was an undercover step to move to different collection weeks for different bins. Not so. Weekly collections stay for recyclable paper and plastic (pink sacks) glass (blue boxes) unrecyclable packaging junk (black sacks) and now garden waste and food waste combined (green bins or green sacks).

The new collection option means that things like the stale bread, banana peels, bad eggs, spoiled meat, burnt porridge, onion peelings, used teabags, scrapings from dinner plates and so on that used to go into the black ‘landfill bound’ sacks are now taken away to be processed into agricultural compost.

The first collection cycle was last week for me, and I was amazed how much food waste one person could generate and how much smaller the black sack was.

How are things for you in your area?

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