Thursday, June 04, 2009

Small steps in great matters 

One of the lessons I picked up from my parents life experiences is that if you don’t take a interest in what is going on around you, other people will make the decisions for you. And you may not like the result. So at 4am preparing for a Good Morning drop I remember Belsen (My Dad was one of the Liberators) and my mothers resistance unit blowing up the tracks of a railway in Nazi-occupied Lithuania so that the men in the train (who the Nazis wanted to form into SS Units) could escape into the forest. I remember my Dad landing in Normandy in the second wave of D-Day and how emotional he was when his only grandson was born on June 6th so many years later. Life on a day which had a memory of immense fear.

Delivering Good Mornings along the Ampthill Road in Bedford is a tiny thing but I am warmed by the thought I am supporting the Party least like either the Nazis or the Communists –both of which have a fundamental contempt for the individual as a free person of unique value. And as for Europe - I am proud to be a supporter of the Party upholding the immense changes for the good in our continent since my parents had to make their life decisions as young people.

And thanks to all of you out there doing your own tiny things.

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