Thursday, June 25, 2009

It is OPEN on Saturday. All welcome 

The Open University is 40! And if are near Milton Keynes you can help celebrate on campus this Saturday at the Open Unlimited day. Just turn up and take part... including tasting the famous Open University Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.

Description of the events is here...

Sample events:

On the criminal justice system:
Stop and Search
On a dark evening Jonny Richards was stopped by police and asked to empty out his pockets. Now he is charged with going equipped for burglary. But is he guilty? You decide. Our 20 minute reconstruction of a magistrates’ court case gives an insight into the workings of the legal system.
Magistrates Information
Magistrates deal with 95% of all crime that comes through the courts – only the most serious 5% go to the Crown Court. There are about 150 magistrates working in Milton Keynes.
On accessibility:
Knowledge Media Institute
Find out more about the OU’s Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) its work in designing technologies to enable disabled students to participate in field research and enabling OU downloads from iTunes (iTunes U) and many more innovative projects.
On shaking that botty
Connect to the Drums
The Music Computing group in the MCT Faculty will be demonstrating a haptic drum kit. This enables a drummer to feel the music. So come and feel the music!

It is possible I might be in the library sometime that day, if I survive the drums.

Interactive campus map here.


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