Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iran - the Armenian example is not hopeful 

All sorts of conflicting theories about events in Iran and what might be happening.

Basically there are similarities to what happened in Armenia in March 2008 when the incumbent President Serzh Sarkisian blatantly stole an election and remained in power because the authorities were willing to mow down protesters in the streets. Armenia and Iran are neighbours and have very good relations - Sarkisian and Ahmedinejad 'work well' together. There is a large Armenian minority in Iran which has substantial priviledges.

Over in A Fistful of Euros Douglas Muir paints a sombre picture. The shades of Tien An Men seem likely for Iran.

Hoping that the green Proetsers succeeed but not optimistic

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The Georgian example suggests something diferent. he western media & "N"GO observers got het up at the guys we supported not winning & insisted on a rerun organsised by our condiate. e won allegedly getting 96% - a figure which our media had no trouble swallowing. Later the thug invaded South Ossetia attempting to recreate the genocide we had so enthusiasticly supported in Krajina & got his head handed to him.

Clearly our media will scream foul at any election which our thugs don't win while enthusiasticaly endorse the most blatant corruption by "our" thugs. Mr Dinnerjacket won by 12 million votes, same as last time. End of.
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