Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Around Europe - how parties might fare country by country 

OK so nobody should take opinion polls as gospel. But this site which tries to analyse how the Euro-Election results will pan out across Europe has some interesting insights. In our UK Parish it suggests we are up to gain one seat (presumably in London) which matches our more realistically optimistic thoughts. Lest hope we can beat teh predictions though!

Elsewhere ALDE parties face a bit of a white water ride, some delegations (as in Germany) projected to increase, others to be wiped out entirely. In Poland for example the ALDE party in the last Parliament seems simply not to be standing this time, so goodbye four seats. The Dutch delegation may see one ALDE party (VVD) drop a seat and another (D66) gain. Which since VVD showed up in the Match Your Vote tests as one of the parties I would least likely vote for if I was a Dutchman is a bit pleasing for me.

See here for a country by country analysis.

On the Tories search for an Euro nest foul enough to attract them it looks like they will at least be spared the embarrassment of association with Tevzemei un Brivibai as that Latvian party is schedule to collapse and lose both its seats. On the other hand a couple of new embarrassingly awful Belgian parties may squeeze in and seek to embrace the Tories.


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