Monday, June 01, 2009

ALDE and debates elsewhere on the Continental elections 

In all our local excitements on expenses and so on, we sometimes forget that the LibDems are fighting the EuroElections as part of an International grouping, ALDE. Some people are actually looking at the policy positions presented by ALDE and commenting. Take a look for example at this comment on energy policies.

The Eurotrib site tends to equate Liberalism with neo-Liberal ‘market worship’ by the way, many contributors putting it in the same basket as the policies of the last US administration. The tone of some comments elsewhere can be gauged by another post on Eurotrib which says ‘when something is being pushed by an ALDE member using "competition" newspeak, I reflexively check my wallet to see if I'm being robbed.’

By the way are there any projections on how ALDE as a whole will emerge from this election?

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