Monday, May 11, 2009

The Parties of THE in alphabetical eurotangle 

On a council or Westminster ballot paper candidates are listed in alphabetical order of surnames. On the Euro Parliament ballot paper, in alphabetical order of part names, exactly as entered in the nomination papers.

This has had the following interesting result in the South-East Euro division where the Conservatives entered as Conservative (and appear alphabetically where you expect the letter ‘C’ and the LibDems entered as Liberal Democrats (and appear after the Js and before the Ns). Which leaves ‘The Green Party’ and ‘The Labour Party’ listed together, in that order, down alphabetically amongst the T’s.

I wonder if this will make a difference for any bemused voters scanning this list:

British National Party
Christian Party ‘Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship’
Conservative Party
English Democrats
Jury Team (who by the way do not have a full slate of candidates)
Liberal Democrats
No2EU Yes to Democracy
Pro Democracy: Libertas EU
Socialist Labour Party
The Green Party
The Labour Party
The Peace Party: Non-violence, Justice, Environment
The Roman Party: Ave!
United Kingdom First
United Kingdom Impotence Party

If ‘The’ Greens and ‘The’ Labour had got themselves listed as G and L they would have appeared as fifth and seventh on the list respectively, instead of at tenth and eleventh and pushed us down from sixth to eight in the list. Exactly in the middle of the paper.

How has the Alphabet played out in other regions?

The point about the Jury Team shortfall is that it suggests that everybody who applied for a Jury listing got in. Wonder what mixed bag is involved there.. And by the way I trust everyone spotted the one ‘Deliberate Mistake’ in the spelling of party names above…

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From a brief look elsewhere the Parties of THE seem pretty universal...
Deliberate mistake: Including the word "liberal" on the line that says "Liberal Democrats"?

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