Saturday, May 30, 2009

Have you had your letter from Gordon yet? 

If Labour are indeed sending out an individual letter (post paid not FREEPOST) to every elector in the UK they are really burning up on the money.

Anyway G Brown says sorry for the unacceptable expenses mess 'on behalf of all parties'. He also says Labour HAVE suspended MPs who are suspected of wrongdoing. The news this last week has come thick and fast and I have to say what I heard is that some Labour MPs have decided to stand down and that the Labour disciplinary panel is reviewing some nominations for others. But no whip removals for example.

So is this an indication that actual forced suspensions are about to be announced, or does it mean that I have been too busy delivering leaflets to notice the details in the news? The way the letter reads makes the Labour reaction one of the more vigorous responses to events. Could this possibly be intended to influence how people vote in the coming week?

It might be helpful for the reputation of politics in general if the claim is accurate. Can someone check out the facts?

Rest of letter is on credit crunch issues and immigration. Have a look when it comes.

But where did they find the money?

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