Saturday, July 12, 2008

Intimate scrutiny 

I am not entirely sure I wanted to read about the BOSS chair technology over breakfast but there we are. Now I pass the mental image over to you.

Does illustrate the problem of modern information tools and how basic security concepts cannot always be upheld by traditional methods. Less dramatic perhaps than the debate on civil liberties and detention without trial or even the ID Cards debate..

The problem of course is the use of illicit mobile phones in prisons, BOSS is the Bodily Orifice Security Scanner and your imagination is recruited to grasp how mobile phones are entering prisons via other entries. It was piloted in the UK at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes.

Friends of mine who have been Guests Of Her Majesty say that the main think stopping prisoners just walking out of most establishments is the inability of prisoners to organise split second co-ordinated action across the prison. So, obviously, preventing mobile communications in the slammer has more than an anti-contraband role to play.

But I can’t quite put my finger (gloved or otherwise) on why this story makes me feel a little queasy.

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