Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Haltemprice Hokey-Kokey 

So its to be a by-election. Now, for an election to take place, a writ has to be moved and voted on in the Commons. This is normally moved by the chief whip of the party that held the seat. So the Tories have controll of the timetable and convention (again) says the writ is moved within three months of a vacancy occuring.

If the vote goes against moving the writ (most unconventional) then it cant be moved again for some time in this session.

Following Nick's decision to abstain the party from this contest, there is no danger (for the Tories) in a Yellow Peril army working away in the seat if the by-election is delayed. So is there any incentive for the Tories to call the poll at once? Could it be delayed say until October or even later? Hanging David Davies out to dry as punishment for his eccentricity? Could Davies be left fuming outside Parliament until after the 42-day bill comes back from the lords and the matter runs into whatever sands are awaiting? Leaving him to campaign when the Single Issue is perhaps a little cold on the ground?

Or has Davies got a deal that someone (us maybe?) moves the writ at once, or whenever he feels it is to his campaigning convenience?

Just asking....


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