Monday, June 23, 2008

The glorious summer light in Henley and Thame 

Coming back from the campaign centre at Thame this evening in a glorious balmy light with hot air balloons decorating the horizon. Campaigning in sunshine in these long days and light nights is super even for us moles preparing the leaflet shots.

In North-East Europe this is of course St Johns Eve and a major public holiday. In Lithuania for example there are big open air parties with bonfires and booze and traditions such as floating flowers in the streams to tell fortunes and many people don’t get to bed at all.

One tradition is that a mysterious magical fern flowers once a year at this time and young people go of into the woods in the short dusk time in search of it. You might think this is a way of referring to something else but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Anyway, no fern flowers in Henley (that I know of) and some really solid down to earth political activity rather than precarious flights. If you haven’t been and are remotely in reach why not give this campaign a try.

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Good Job! :)
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