Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vince's secret power exposed? 

Maybe this is why Vince Cable is such an outstanding practical economist. He dances.

Or so you might conclude from this argument from a key modern outline of economics.

Getting an economy to expand is more like dancing than cooking. The frequently used metaphor of finding right “policy recipe” is misleading… it is not possible to set down a simple list of ingredients and a technique anyone could follow.
Getting an economy expanding… depends on a complex sequence of decisions and policies, involving many partners … past choices, current resources and good luck

So perhaps the mental training of a good dancer really does help develop a receptive mind for understanding the dynamics of ‘complex adapting systems’ – giving Vince the edge over the more leaden footed.

Mind you I think that the author of this extract (Diane Coyle) may underestimate the tacit skills gap between following recipes and cooking great food.

Extract source Coyle, D (2007) ‘The Soulful Science: what economists really do and why it matters’ pp36-37

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Love it!

I've always thought that politics in general is like music, and writing a speech like composing a song.

Let's face the music and dance!
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