Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Umbrella and Tory Weather 

Looks like we will have somewhat wet periods on Polling Day. Years ago we used to wind up Tory tellers at poll stations by calling this 'Tory Weather'. General seeping misery for most which the wealthy could avoid.

Back when car owners were disproportionally Tories, really wet weather on polling day was reconed to be worth an extra 150 votes difference at least per ward in the Tories favour because of differential impact on the turnouts. The gallows humour of those awaiting the counts afer a rainy pollday included muttering the doggerel:

The rain falls down upon the Just
As on the Unjust feller
But less upon the Unjust
'Cos they've got the Just's umbrella.

And so muuter I having just put out several hundred eve-of-poll letters in a tight tango of 'heavy showers'. We shall see..

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