Wednesday, April 09, 2008

UK Chinese community and Tibet - well done Anna Lo 

The son of Ulster Assembly Member Anna Lo was arrested during the protests in London around the lympic Torch procession. And his mother is proud of him.

Conall Hon, a member of the 'Students for a Free Tibet' group, abseiled from Westminster Bridge holding a Tibetian flag. He said:

"As someone with Chinese and British roots, I feel strongly that Britain must take a firm stance against China's abuses in Tibet.
"If the Chinese government wants acceptance from the international community, it must immediately stop its baseless attacks on the Dalai Lama and start working
toward a meaningful solution to the Tibetan issue."

His mother said:

"I know that a lot of Chinese people here [Northern Ireland] are very patriotic about China... and, in fact, I fell out with some members of my family because my son was so active in Free Tibet.
But I keep on saying to members of my family that we are not against Chinese people - we are only against the Chinese government, the Chinese regime and its

The Alliance Party of NI Assembly Member is one of the highest ranking members of the UK Chinese community elected to public office. She shows us we need to engage with the UK Chinese community, making the point that supporting the Tibetian people is not an anti-Chinese conspiracy but something patriotic Chinese people need to be involved with as well.

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