Friday, March 28, 2008

Meanwhile in eve-of-poll Zimbabwe 

With the elections in Zimbabwe on March 29th, the website of Socwanele, the Zimbabwe Social Action Support Group, gives sombre latest information. Particularly striking is the google map of election violations that include:

Voter registration problems
Food supply (cutting off ‘opposition’ areas)
Unlawful detention
Vote buying
Political violence.
Political cleansing

This political cleansing story as an example, from Umguza district near Bulawayo:
two little sisters are in primary school. They're only 11 and 13. But outside school they were confronted by a gang of men armed with axes and clubs. The men told them that they would be killed, and their bodies burned to ashes... They told her that anyone who belonged to the MDC faced death if they didn't run away.

The Zimbabwe Today blog (Moses Moyo) reports that Zimbabwe military are massively on the streets. He ends this posting by saying:

Finally, just a few hours before the polls open, may I express a personal wish. I hope and trust that all my fellow citizens who can will turn out to vote tomorrow. Afterwards, when the results become known, please be careful. We live in dangerous times.

Some people out there with Zimbabwe keyboards have incredible courage. It puts this UK blogging, and delivering FOCUS leaflets in the rain, in sharp contrast.


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