Friday, February 29, 2008

Shining a light on the secret armies? 

Hugely welcome news (gleaned from the recent blogger-chat with Ed Davey) that the party is looking at the problem of the private security companies – the proliferation of private armed forces which are almost entirely outside anyone’s control. I have been muttering about this for some time so look forwards to the debates and campaigns…

It is not only what these unregulated armed forces get up to in other parts of the world – what happens when some of the the ‘veterans’ of these operations come back to the UK and live with their experiences in our political and social life? Some will have combat stresses, for example, and wont be covered even by the skimpy 'military covenant' support we give to our official soldiery. And some may have a taste for unorthodox political activities.

Definitely some thinking to do.

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All true, but with governments reluctant to put troops in harms way, the public showing little tolerance for even limited casualties, and the costs of really first-rate troops escalating, it is likely that the future will see a greater use of private military companies.

I think the solution is regulation rather than elimination.
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