Friday, January 11, 2008

A great man and his mountains 

Sir Edmund Hillary was of course a New Zealander - a fact often glossed over in the 'Great British Triumph' reporting of the Ascent of Everest (think a combination of today's "Sun" and "Daily Mail" on steroids). The other man up, and possibly the first to set foot on the summit was a Nepali, Tensing Norgay, who also got the full British By Default treatment in the patriotic uproar of the time and subsequently. For his story see the Everest History webpages here and (pt2) here.

Anyway, Hillary never forgot the people of the mountains, as can be witnessed by his promotion of the Himalayan Trust which has been involved in 'education, health services, reforestation, building airports, trails, bridges, water supplies and preservation of local cultural monuments'.

The newsletter report for 2007 is not yet out...

This really is making me feel old, I can just remember the 1953 uproar and the Coronation...


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