Saturday, December 22, 2007

Not a leg to cook 

I want turkey drumsticks this year. Not a whole turkey. This is for reasons of cooking a carnivore option in the spare oven space of a largely vegetarian seasonal meal. And the carnivores concerned prefer the dark meat to the breast meat anyway.

So I must be in luck, given the modern supermarket habit of selling prepared turkeys with just the breast and wings. Must be lots and lots of drumsticks going cheap on the side, you would think.

Er, no. Much trawling and asking of questions of bemused shop staff found nothing. So this morning I abandoned my TESCO/Waitrose/M+S dominated trade zone to make a very very early morning Co2 generating trip to a high street with two traditional butchers still open. And actually managed to find drumstick and turkey thigh packages that I can adapt.

Where ARE all these drumsticks going? And can it really be that the Market Mass of The People really prefer the bland white meat to the tastier brown meats of the turkey?

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