Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Future is NOW 

A more difficult choice than I expected. But now to vote, and the clinching reason much the same as it was for Cicero.

The future is now, not a bit further on across some bridge starting from the Kennedy era. The ‘New Leader’ will have to go straight in on December 18th and play the innings of a lifetime. We have an unexpected and glorious middle-order knock from Vince Cable to give us momentum and credibility. Chris Huhne is ready to do the job now. We should support him and get on with it.

The media and our opponents will try to baseball-cap our new leader at the first opportunity, trying to trip him up in contradictions and hesitations. I am sure Nick can and would overcome this onslaught, but much more confident that Chris will eat any attacker alive and carry the battle to them from the off..

I have been unexpectedly impressed by Nick Clegg and for me the single most exiting idea to emerge in this campaign is in one of his speeches; and several other ideas really hit the nail as to what the party needs to do. I hope we can build on this – and it will possibly be easier to follow up this and other initiatives if they are not seen by the media as ‘Leaders dictata’ but earn support on their own merit. Just as Chris’ environmental policies did after the election of Ming.

I delayed voting until now despite my early commitment as I wished to give each candidate the chance to evolve and challenge me (and give Nick respect and the chance to change my mind). But time to mark the Big One on the paper. It is for Chris. And so to the post (stamped of course).


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