Monday, December 24, 2007

Forgiveness and healing at this season 

So this is Kukios, Christmas Eve for all you non-Lithuanians out there, the day when the traditions are to remember the dead and to heal the living. One of the advantages of being the heirs of the last European culture to be converted to Christianity is that the older midwinter roots of this sort of tradition are rather more clear.

The key event really is the Christmas Eve meal. The tablecloth is laid out on fresh hay so that the family animals are symbolically part of the festivities, and a place is laid for anyone absent, family or friend, especially those who have died recently. This is THE great family gathering. At midnight each person at the feast goes round to each of the others asking forgiveness for any hurts or slights given over the year.

In that spirit forgive me for any electronic toes I have trodden on over this years digital politics, or otehr online or political infelicities.

Sveiku Sventu Kaledu viskas.

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