Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe - assasination attempt rumours and kit dropping 

A possible assasination attempt on Mugabe in Harare today (27 Nov 07) ... according to the 'Zimbabwe Today' Blog. By crashing a vehicle into his motorcade.

President Robert Mugabe's motorcade - notorious for its strict security procedures and high-speed travel - came to a sudden halt in Harare today when a mystery vehicle evaded outriders and guards before smashing into a security vehicle. Both drivers died at the scene.... many Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives are convinced that this was a deliberate attempt to kill Mugabe by crashing his vehicle - a method of assassination not unknown in Southern Africa.

Further browsing that site leads to an election story with a possible campaign tactic not yet embraced by our own leadersip hopefulls...

Anyone in Zanu-PF - or anyone else for that matter - who is planning to oust President Robert Mugabe had better think again. Because Madam Oppah Muchinguri (right), our country's formidable Minister for Women, is planning a demonstration that will bring the country to a halt, quite possible to its knees, and even leave it flat on its face, having passed out cold.
This is what she promised, when speaking to a meeting of female party activitists this week:

"Let me assure you ladies, if anyone in Zanu-PF or elsewhere tries to remove Mugabe from power I and the Women's League will march in the streets of Harare naked."

'Moses Moyo' (the pseudonym for the blogger) sounds one cool commentator.


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