Friday, November 09, 2007

Immigration TV debate -anyone got a review? 

Annoyingly, I discovered a debate on progress on TV featuring Nick Clegg just when I didn't have time to follow it. So does anyone have notes on what happened on the TV programme where listeners to radio 5 Live phoned in comments on Immigration policy which got a televised answer (as well as a radio one??) from a panel of three.

It would be good to get a feel of how our 'migrants policy' (as of last Conference, thanks to the excellent work of Nick Clegg developing his current brief) is faring in the rough real world.

The other two members of the panel of seemed to have it in for Nick as far as I could glimpse. So some reviews of how Nick fared under concentrated fire might be helpful also.

Now one thought on getting messages across (and full disclosure, do note my bias in the current leadership poll) ...
I clicked on this in the middle of the show and came in at a point when Nick was speaking. And another panelist was speaking at the same time. No idea who was trying to shout down or interrupt who though I suspect froma few clues the woman panellist was disrupting Nicks answer to a question. But it didnt look very good from my temporary accidential perspective as a channel hopping viewer making a 5-second judgement. Basically (aspirant) major party leaders dont want to look as if they are just closing their eyes and ploughing on in an argument, they need to look much more in control. I hope the rest of the event was a lot better - up to Nick's usual standard in fact.

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