Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Watching both candidates 

Two candidates it is then - and clearly both have strong and compelling (and strongly Liberal) cases to make.

It will be easier for me to keep in touch with what Chris Huhne is saying as I have decided to support him, and signed on for e-mail updates on his campaign. If I was a Nick Clegg supporter I could still get those updates as Chris' website offers the option of just signing on to get more information as it arises without making a declaration of support. However as far as I can see Nick's website only offers the option of signing on as a supporter. This would be untrue for me in the context of this election, so I have not done so.

No doubt LibDemblogs aggregated will help me keep in touch with Nick's campaign.

And I intend to look very carefully at what each of them says and perhaps comment from time to time. One is going to be leader of this party and I want him to be the strongest possible leader he can be, whoever he is. I am hoping that an honest and rigorous debate will strengthen both of them and make each better able to contribute to our work whatever the role they assume after the count.


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