Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Against executions 

Today October 10th is the “World day Against the Death Penalty

This is in support of the proposed UN General Assembly initiative for a global moratorium capital punishment.

As the admirable idiot/savant (in New Zealand, which kicks off October 10th as it does every day of the year) says:

“The global struggle against the death penalty has been long and hard - but it's one we're winning. Since the last world day against the death penalty, two countries have abolished the death penalty for all crimes: Albania and Rwanda.
In addition, Kyrgyzstan abolished the death penalty for ordinary crimes, and significant restrictions were introduced in Kazakhstan.
Furthermore, legislation to abolish the death penalty is now under consideration in Burundi and South Korea, while Malawi's High Court has declared mandatory execution unconstitutional.”

Of course that still leaves the big holdouts of China, the USA and Iran to tackle…

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