Thursday, September 06, 2007

Haes the Union ower muckle pouer? 

That is a crucial question we should be putting to our prospective candidates for MEP in the current hustings and candidate selection process.

As the article on the EU in the Scots version of Wikipedia says:

The European Union (EU) is a group o 27 member kintras in Europe. The Union was pitten thegither for cultural an economic ettles. Monie kintras in the Union uises the same siller, the Euro.

The'r grand debate in monie airts o the Union the nou anent whit pouers the Union shuid hae ower an abuin the member kintras. Some fowk argies that the Union shuid hae mair pouer, wi some sayin that aa European kintras shuid come thegither in a federal superstate; ithers believes that the Union aareadies haes ower muckle pouer, an shuid gie some up, or e'en that the Union shuid dissolve aathegither.

Could't have put it clearer myself, in any language.

There is an useful table on how the distribution of seats between EU countries has changed for the upcoming election on this page.

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