Thursday, July 12, 2007

Iraq - the C4 report on Saturday 

Those of us who fall asleep in front of the telly having turned on to 'Big Brother' by mistake may may be waking up early in the morning to a very different Channel 4 programme. 'The Iraq Commission' is a series of hearings chaired variously by Paddy Ashdown, Baroness Jay and Tom King grilling witnesses with a wide variety of views on the appaling situation in that country.

Selections of that evidence have been broadcast recently in two-hour long C4 programms beginning at about 10 minutes after midnight.

The final programme is at a much more civilised hour on Saturday 14th July (starts 7.30 pm) and will be the report of the commission given on the basis of the evidence presented.

Ming Campbell presented evidence to the commission on 11 June (Broadcast on 5th July).

All witnesses transcripts are available online (in .pdf). Videos of presentations available, and other submissions are also on line including a written submission ( .pdf) from the Party.

Incdentially Ming referred toa third document teh LibDems were sending to the commission, but this does not seem to be up on the website. Maybe we could make it available online ourselves?

Much, much better Channel4. Pity a slot could not have been found for an earlier transmission time for the main evidence sessions.


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