Thursday, July 05, 2007

Farewell the one and only George. 

So farewell then George Melly, one of those people who must have been quite exciting to know.

I never met him despite my son (on his mothers side) being first cousin once removed to his brother’s wife and so second cousin to his brother’s children. One possible reason for this is that the connection is through a family of outstandingly conventional solicitors and estate agents in Torquay.

I did meet the solicitors and so on... but how we waste our life’s opportunities… dreaming our dreams away.

Tributes in The Guardian to George include the story of how he always kept 'underneath the arches' in his repertory of songs, and said he would do so until the only homeless were those who chose to be so...

Underneath the arches
We dream our dreams away
Underneath the arches
On cobblestones we lay

Every night you'll find us
Tired out and worn
Happy when the daylight comes creeping
Heralding the dawn

Sleeping when it's raining
And sleeping when it's fine
Trains travelling
By above

Pavement is our pillow
No matter where we stray
Underneath the arches
We dream our dreams away


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