Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nature copies satire in new Miseading Cases 

Oh, good night! The examples of inanities enforced on the police by New Labour targetting (as listed in Liberal England) bear an uncanny resemblance to the Uncommon Law cases of A.P. Herbert's immortal 1930's Punch column. Time for some brave soul to bring up an updated version of the adventures of Albert Haddock.

One of the 'Misleading Cases' (Rex versus Engheim et al, if my memory serves) appeared to establish that the only liberty a Briton has in public is to pass at an even pace from one end of a street to another, arms held to the sides, breathing unobtrusively through the nose and attracting no attention.

Nowadays I am not so sure about the breathing bit.

If A.P Herbert was an MP today, New Labour would have expired years ago in gales of laughter.

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