Saturday, May 12, 2007

Irn Broon and the 'Debate ' 

Apparently 'Irn Broon' Brown is debating with both his putative Labour leadership opponents on Sunday 13th at a Fabian Society event. Hat tip for the news of the event to the ‘ourkingdom’ blog, which also highlights the delightful evasions Michael Meacher and John McConnel made to an question posed to them earlier ‘what about Proportional Representation?’.

Anthony Barnett commented on these replies:

…the two answers were a joy. Here is Meacher’s, “I am not at this stage in favour of electoral reform, but pluralism is important”. (At this stage! How about that for a radical challenge? Decoded it means, personally I agree with PR but my died-in-the-wool supporters won’t let me say so.) And here is McDonnell’s, “I’m a complete pragmatist – I support the electoral system that gets Labour to power, because that enables me then to achieve what I think would be a socialist advance.”

If you are a complete pragmatist why stop at stealing elections for the cause of socialism… why not chat up the army and try a pragmatic coup d’état?

Wonder if Broon will be asked about PR on Sunday?

We will know which of the two opponents has had his Granita moment on Monday when one steps down in favouir of the other.

(Incidentally is Irn Broon too obscure a joke to be an effective alias for Gordon Brown south of the Kingdom of Fife?)

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