Monday, April 02, 2007

Terrorism and hearing 

Two separate events but with connecting thoughts

On ‘the Doorstep’ last week one resident (noticing my deafness) said it was a pity her son wasn’t in, but he was on a course for Anti-Terrorism Unit personnel on how to help deaf people caught up in a terrorism incident.

Next morning my son told me there has been an uproar eight doors down from my house. Shouts of “Armed Police!” and “Section 42!” and the noise of a door being battered down. Of course I slept happily through all of this.

Section 42 is the part of the Anti-Terrorism act allowing forced entry…

So conflicted musings. Pleased that ‘The Authorities’ recognise that some citizens require extra guidance in a terrorist incident – shouting instructions to a deaf person just won’t be helpful. I presume similar thought is being thought through for blind people, for example.

Of course if the Armed Police had come to the wrong house down my way all the shouts of ‘Section 42’ would be just irrelevant to me until I got my aides on. Wonder what the Armed Police would have done if I had reached for the box by my bed.

And an ongoing concern. My neighbours have had a pretty frightening experience, without (to date) any word of recognition or re-assurance from any authority. Not that I have heard about, anyway.

Modern life…

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