Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Mother of all Conspiracy Theorists - Melanie Phillips in action over WMD 

It is possible that some LibDems might mention the Iraq war from time to time, you know suggesting that since the UK and USA went into Iraq after Weapons of Mass Delusion and that none were actually found, the War was an illegal crock of shit that forever stains Blair's Trousers of Legacy. This causes grave distress to American and UK neoconservatives and also to assorted New Labour types trapped into support of the war.

Well watch out on the doorstep – Melanie Phillips has had a revelation and written it up in the Spectator.

Summary of the Phillips story – the USA found massive stores of WDM in underground caves but carelessly left these unguarded allowing Saddam supporters to loot the stores and pass them on to Islamist terrorists. Now an informal coalition of the White House and Liberal critics is suppressing the Truth. The White House because of embarrassment over the looting incompetence and the World Liberal Conspiracy because it doesn’t want to admit it was wrong over WMD.

Seriously, she believes this, and loads of desperate neocons seem to be piling onto this as well, lauding the so-called whistleblower a certain Dave Gaubatz. Watch out on the doorstep for deluded Spectator readers … Sadly this is not a joke.

Hat tip as they say to Glenn Greenwald (Salon online magazine, free registration may be needed), and to Steven D in Booman Tribune. Both have lots of links to sad and frightened neocons grasping at this alleged straw.

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