Sunday, April 15, 2007

British values really to the fore - well done Norfolk Police 

Yes I know it plays up to national stereotypes, ‘your policemen are wonderful’, ‘fair play’ ‘Britishness’ and all that. But the story of the Great Yarmouth policeman who won an award from Lithuania because of his response to the conditions of Lithuania migrant workers in his town is heartening.

He learned Lithuania to make contact with them, and set up a ‘Welcome to Norfolk' Webpage to help all migrants make sense of our rules and regulations and how to help the police help them. Really, a kind of FOCUS for the migrant communities.

Aciu labai (warmest thanks) PC Gary Pettengell for the inspiration, professionalism, and simple humanity. Let us hope your example inspires others.

A wider issue perhaps, congratulations to Norfolk Constabulary for putting experienced and confident police officers ‘out on the beat’. Actually in contact with the public, with organisational clout, and able to do something about what they find.

And ‘The Guardian’ even managed to spell most of its Lithuanian snippets correctly.

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