Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nipping out for an UKI Pee 

What is happening to United Kingdom Impotence Party? Interesting times actually, as James Graham and Peter Black neatly note.

What is going on back at the battered Tory Coalface though? Well to explore that murk one needs to go to the Daily Telegraph (6th January) where we learn that Cameron must ‘heed the threat of UKIP’.

“Traditional Tory supporters – indeed, many Tory activists – are toying with voting UKIP. When they see two respected Conservative parliamentarians making the journey, their personal odysseys become that little bit easier.”

Parallel to this, (TG 8 January) UKIP is promising not to run UKIP opponents against sitting MPs who by June this year sign up to a pledge to quit the European Union. This offer actually applies to all MPs including our LibDem ones, but realistically the target is to flush out Tories. It seems that their Lordships insisted on such an UKIP initiative as part of their defection deal.

This offer to stand down in certain seats is however causing turmoil in UKIP branches, one comment in the telegraph from an UKIP local organiser talking about the risk the party being ‘split from top to toe’ on this UKIP 'standing aside' offer.

An interesting sidebar on this story is the number of comments from readers objecting to the Telegraph calling the BNP ‘ghastly’… unwanted brownie point from me to the TG but sobering thought on the realities of the political undergrowth.

For example one respondent to this rather interesting Telegraph opinion piece on ‘Cameron falling into Labours Trap’ reveals some of the Class Consciousness of some of our British politics… the reader urges Telegraph People instead of staying Tory to think of joining

“…the other small brave patriotic parties, unfairly smeared by the Establishment in which David Cameron crawls. However, be warned, the social life is different --I no longer get invited to Sherry Reception fundraisers at the big manor house of Mrs
X-Y to hear Anne Widdicomb. Instead I have pie and peas with a motly group of real patriot plumbers and lorry drivers, with their tatooes, expletives, concerns, and passionately held conservative principles.”

Sherry and Widdicomb as an attraction? It is a different world either way.

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