Saturday, December 23, 2006

The thin line on Fish 

Fish. The new EU quotas for catches are announced.

Again a political uproar, and one that is of high interest to LibDems since a considerable number of our MPs representing fishing communities. In Scotland it may sway a whole national election.

The Marine Conservation Society is not happy, saying that cod quotas should actually have been set at zero. Endangered cod falls victim to EU blunder…?

Fishing is of course a world-wide activity. The current issue (No. 65, December 2006) of the Institute for Development Studies information journal “id21 insights” is on “The Importance of Fisheries in Development”. (Version in .pdf downloadable from here). The article on 'acheiving a sustainable global fish trade' says in part:

This rapid growth has put pressure on fisheries resources, however. Modern technologies used to harvest fish often damage aquatic ecosystems, both seas and inland waters. A recent study of 11 developing countries by the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation showed that the international trade in fish products has a negative impact on the fish resources of all countries. The opportunities for making profits from trade cause these depletions.
The United Nations chipped in early in December citing an UNEP report..

Will we have fish to catch in 40 years time?

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