Friday, December 15, 2006

Saudi nightmares 

Congratulations to our Parliamentary teams for picking up on the legal and constitutional horrors in the decision to drop the Saudi arms deal bribery investigations.

Just to note though that there may well be a real political and diplomatic crisis brewing in Saudi Arabia which could well be further destabilised by revelations about financial skulduggery.

There is apparently a huge internal political row within The Family who run Saudi that in comparison makes the Blair- Brown insult factories look like a nursery pie-fight. Latest manifestation – the Saudi ambassador to the USA Prince Turki al-Faisal has just resigned almost certainly because of irreconcilable differences with the Saudi National Security Advisor Prince Bandar bin Sultan. This may be part of a power play over which of the two Princes is to be the next Saudi foreign minister – Prince Bandar being part of the Bush and Cheyney aggressive club and Prince Turki taking an anti-Bush administration position. Turki is warning that current US policies could lead to

"a terrorist super-highway stretching from Iran through Iraq and rushing through Syria and Jordan to the edge of Israel"

Booman Tribune blog has details and links.

Meanwhile The Yorkshire Ranter sets out an interesting alternative view on the actual arms contracts – saying it could actually be to the UK taxpayers financial advantage if Saudi tears up the deal.

Oh and to be really cheerful it is apparently slightly possible that Saudi Arabia is about to become a nuclear power, buying warheads and missiles from Pakistan. Read the links and decide if this one is credible and worth worrying about.

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